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The LiveJournal Baseball League's Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.

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  2003.06.25  02.05

all right fuckers! lj baseball july 4th @ DANIELLE'S PARTY.


  2003.05.13  19.37

Hey everybody,

How about Live Journal wuffle ball w/ free beer, steak, and hotdogs?
All the cool kids are all ready here.
If you're coming, or just wonderin' what's goin' on call my cell @289-9249


  2003.04.30  12.17



  2003.04.10  15.12



  2003.04.06  21.38



  2003.03.30  18.15

The weather has been nice lately and.. AND.. I vote that we play sometime really soon.


  2003.01.19  20.25



  2002.11.19  23.47



  2002.07.20  18.29

Baseball is the sport of pansies. And seeing as how many of those in this community ARE pansies, I propose we play ball sometime (ORRRR, multiple times...) in the coming week. Anyone interested leave a comment, including best times/places to play.


  2002.06.26  13.38
Baseball Schmaseball

Is there baseball today?

Update: Nevermind, some retard made it on Tuesday...


  2002.06.25  14.42



  2002.06.22  23.07
This post is not yet rated.

So, I'm off a good deal of this week and I plan to cram it full of LiveJournal related activities. Why? 'Cause. That's the only way, that's why. So shut the fuck up, bitch.
How about some good ol' American Taliban-style Baseball this Tuesday, eh? Who be up for it?
Or would another day be better for you?. . . . Oh, too fucking bad you limp dicked mothafucker. 'Cause when I lay down the funk it's like you hearin' motherfuckin' voices on the mountain, bitch. My mothafuckin' Commandments. . . . 'Cept I don't need ten, a true pimp keeps it short 'cause y'all bitches don't hear right. So here you go.

Baseball on Tuesday.
5:30 PM in Seven Mile
If you need directions, mothafuckin' ask, punk

Aight. I'm Audi2000.


  2002.06.12  16.25

Bring it, yo. 5 o'clock behind the school, unless you're chicken.


  2002.06.11  00.54

PLAY BASEBALL! 5 o'clock, Sevenmile field, Wednesday.

Be a corporate whore and JUST DO IT.


  2002.06.05  09.44

I think there will be some definite domination on behalf of team Khai, yo.


  2002.06.04  19.35
Tomorrow is Wednesday, and you know what that means...

GOAT SEX!!!1!!

Oh, and LJ Baseball. Cook Field, 4:30. BE THERE. If you need a ride, get ahold of me, and if you're lucky, I'll pick yo' cheap, jank, non-Oxford livin ass up.


  2002.05.31  14.02

lefties rock your balls


  2002.05.29  21.20
Technician for life.

I mean, really, when does my team not dominate all you suckaz?


  2002.05.28  22.05


In Sevenmile, you know. The Elementary school with the diamond behind it? Yeah. That one.

At 4:30 .. Program that into your wrist watch, you fucking dork.


Come one, come all.


  2002.05.22  12.55
Directions for... YOU.

I've heard the rumor that you bitches can't understand what "behind Krogers" means. Therefore... click here for a MapQuest map. If you still can't figure it out... click on the "driving directions" link to the side. If you still can't figure it out, you need to stop cuddling.


  2002.05.21  15.16
Big Frankie says "Mufuckin' bring yo' mufuckin' baseball bats, mufuckas"

Baseball, tomorrow, 4:30-ish. Meet at 102 Miami Commons, O-town. Bring friends. If you don't have those, bring pets.

Be there. Dare you resist Big Frankie's authority?


  2002.05.14  22.01

LJ Baseball Tomorrow

Where: Oxford, but we're meeting at the new whore house behind Kroger's.
102 Miami Commons.(sp)
If you do not know where this is. Give the 'head master' a ring-a-ling.

When: A las cuatro y media. So, 4:30 for all you non-Spanish speaking bastards.

Bring a bat, or two.

And bring ye balls, if you dare.

And please no molestation of children this time.


  2002.05.07  14.40
I've come to earth through the fax machine... for BASEBALL!!!

Hello, this is your dictator, the BLACK ELVIS. I have decided that there will be no baseball tomorrow. Instead, there will be baseball today. 5 o'clock, weather permitting. What the fuck am I saying? I'm the black elvis. I control the weather.

Seven mile. Be there, or I'll hit you with 7 rounds of space doo-doo pistols.

UPDATE: THE BLACK ELVIS has changed his mind. Next week, however, there will be baseball galore.


  2002.05.07  12.49

Baseball tomorrow is looking more than a little suspect. We've got heavy thunderstorms all day long... for the next few days at least. I was wondering what people thought... should we scrap until next week (?) or what?


  2002.04.30  23.54
Weather and Baseball Predictions

We have a window.

4:30 p.m.
Cook Field
Oxford, Ohio

For more information, call (513) 529-7059.

It will be muddy as hell... but I think we can pull this mother off.


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